Can I have contact with someone to help me complete the contracting forms?

The following information is designed to assist you without outside help. If you have contracting questions, email or call 800.286.7842 x5.  Please allow 24-48 business hours for a response during heavy training/recruiting periods. Requests are handled on a first come basis.

Where do I send my Contracts?

When an application is submitted, communication will be sent to the registered advisor providing access to our contracting system.

Signature pages and contracts can be faxed to 1-877-321-6235.

Please note that all new contracts must be accompanied by a W-9 which you can download and print from this link:

Am I designated as the ?General Agent? in the contracts?

No, please note that you are referred to in contracting paperwork as the ?Producer?.  Please leave GA area blank.  Signatures are required anywhere that ?Producer? is referenced.

What is my agent code?

The agent code will be assigned after contracts are submitted to the carrier.

What is my commission?

Your commission is placed in the paperwork by our offices, please leave this area blank.

Who am I assigning commissions to?

You do not assign commissions in most instances.  Please leave this area blank unless you are the principle of your corporation and need to assign commissions for tax reasons or are an agent of a term shop who pays your salary/income direct.

How do I get licensed in additional states?

You can use online services such as or or

Do I need E&O coverage?

Yes, there are no exceptions to this. Contracts without proof of E&O coverage will not be processed.  To secure new E&O coverage you can go to or

How fast is the contracting process?

For most carriers the process can take an average of one month or more once all CORRECT forms are submitted.  Some carriers require that your first case be submitted before they will issue a new agent code.  Other carriers will elevate you to the head of the line if you have submitted business you will be issued an agent code within a few days of properly submitted forms.

Where do I find pending case status?

Please go to the status page, login and view pending case status.

Are commissions advanced for the entire annual premium?

No, most carriers will only advance 75% (9 months) and that is if you are approved for advancement.  Use the forms below for the other carriers:

AIG Form 1, AIG Form 2, AIG Form 3 (You Need All Three)

ING and FLA have annualized commission included in the contract paperwork

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