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InsureNOW Direct
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InsureNOW Direct is Simple. Trusted advisors talk to their
clients about the benefits and low cost of life
insurance and then log on to their InsureNOW Direct site
or dial a toll free number to reach their own
InsureNOW Direct representative.

Online, the advisor inputs some basic information
about the client and then sees a list of rates from
the highest rated, most competitively priced insurance
companies in marketplace. InsureNOW Direct or the advisor
then takes the client through a fully automated
electronic application. At that point the advisor
pushes submit and InsureNOW Direct takes it from there.

All the back end and administrative work takes place
at the InsureNOW Direct Center. All of the paramed process,
the APS dealings, case management, underwriter
communication and record keeping is done for the
advisor on their behalf. Soon the advisor is presented
with an approved policy to deliver to the client.

Simple. Secure. Profitable.

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How It Works
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